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    • Medical Science and Human Cooperation will defeat COVID-19
      By Hudson George COVID-19 makes us into prisoners without a criminal charge. There is not much we can do to free ourselves from this dangerous virus. We cannot drop our guard from a COVID attack. Our only hope is a good immune system as a defense against a COVId-19 invasion. The most advanced countries are feeling the brunt of the pandemic, while scientists are busy trying their best to find a vaccine to curb the disease. And even though they are claiming some kind of success, they are not too sure if the vaccine will be totally effective. There are many different stories about the origins of the disease. Some people are trying the politicised the origins and the agents of it. However, they are just pointing fingers without concrete evidence. On the other hand, religious people mainly Christian fundamentalists are saying the virus is a plague sent by God to punish mankind for their wicked deeds. Other Christians are saying it is the beginning of the end time because God is coming soon, to redeem the earth from evil because we are living in the last days. Now all these people are just saying things without any scientific evidence.    Some of them are claiming to be God’s messengers and how God reveals the truth to them in a vision. However, COVID-19 virus is not discriminating on whether or not it will infect people based on race, colour, class and geographical location. Even those so-called God chosen ones as well as medical scientists and medical workers are targeted by the dangerous pandemic.  The fact is that the disease affects human being as it hosts. On the other hand, human beings are political, religious and spiritual beings. Therefore, with all the different variations of human beings moral and ideological values, it creates a vacuum space for controversy. Some people believe the pandemic disease is a man-made problem for population control. Others are saying the disease is created for a one-world government system. And a new world order. Now, it will be impossible for us as human beings to come together with one aim and one common belief to fight this deadly pandemic disease.  So, maybe in the near future, an effective vaccine is the only answer, if Mother Nature cannot curb the virus naturally. For the time being, I put my faith in medical science and human cooperation.            
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