Capitalism and religion create conflicts and wars in the Middle East, while the rich get richer and poor people are dying.


By Hudson George

Capitalism and religion create conflicts and wars in the Middle East, while the rich get richer and poor people are dying.

Presently, there is a big war going on in Yemen and lots of children, women, old people and poor people are dying, while the rich countries sell weapons to the various warring military groups for millions of dollars to fight against each other for power to control the resources and become proxy rulers for the bigger powers.

Unfortunately, money, power and slight differences in religious belief divide those Middle Eastern countries and they are not willing to sit down and compromise. It is not in their cultural nature to come together and discuss matters and reconcile. They prefer to fight on and whosoever wins the war benefits.

The Saudis and a the Iranians cannot get along based on their slight differences in their version of religious belief, so it seems as though they prefer to settle their differences on the battle field in Yemen, as both countries have their allies in the Yemeni civil war battling for their cause.

However, as the influential neighbouring countries such as United Arabs Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran jostle against each other for dominance in the region to control Yemen, they know that the industrialised nations need the oil and gas and these same industrialised countries will supply them with weapons.

In addition, it is heartening to see the same rich industrialied countries are the ones who are benefiting financially. Now that the conflict has reach a climax, while the United Nation seems to be a third party acting without any influence for various reasons, while innocent civilians are dying.

In addition, those of us who were taught by western powers to respect and accept democracy, are now wondering why the big military powers that claim to be promoting democracy are selling weapons to the warring factions to fight wars in a region, that never practice western style democracy.

So, as the fighting is going on for control it is expected that Christians will be searching the books in the bible, to find scriptures in the various books that within the bible and say it is prophesy that is fulfilling in the middle east.

However, based on my personal life experience, I do not believe this prophesy fulling doctrine. I believe that human beings are just greedy and they will fight wars against each other to fulfill their social and financial needs.

So, as the conflict continues in Yemen for greed and power, we can only hope that one day in the future the people in the Middle East, will find another method to solve their political, social and religious differences, because the only ones wo will benefit from the bloodbath are the countries who are manufacturing and selling weapons to the warring factions. And unfortunately, these are the same countries consuming the oil and gas in the Middle East for the price  that they chose to pay.












After Kathleen Wynne retired political hurt. Some black folks jump unconsciously on Doug Ford’s Red Tory bandwagon


By Hudson George

After Kathleen Wynne retired political hurt. Some black folks jump unconsciously   on Doug Ford’s Red Tory bandwagon

A lot of black people in Ontario cast their vote for Doug Ford and his PC party because they are scared of many things within the society. On the other hand, most black people in Canada are Liberals and they still voting for Pierre Trudeau, even though Trudeau is dead.

White Canadians still voting for the founding fathers of Canada that represent the Red Tory Conservative. However, it is same way black folks are voting for the Liberal party in memory of Trudeau.

So, after Kathleen Wynne throws in the towel and retired political hurt, when she realised that her Liberal party cannot win the election, well, most of them black people jump the Liberal ship and hop on the Doug Ford PC party bandwagon.

In my opinion, I think Ms. Wynne wanted her supporters to vote for Doug Ford rather than voting for Andrea Horwarth NDP. Wynne became jealous of Howard. That kind of jealousy is very common among women in general. It is a big problem among women, even though they always keep crying about women equality, they still hate each other.

Furthermore, a lot of black folks cast their vote for Doug Ford, because he promises them cheaper liquor and no working income tax  for the working poor. In addition, some black folks had liked the late Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, because he used to use drugs and Doug Ford is Rob Ford brother. Some black folks think when a white person like drugs, they are cool. So they believe if Rob Ford was cool, therefore, Doug Ford must be cool too.

Almost all black people claim to be Christians and they love the PC political values, even though the PC party is more racists towards black people. In addition, most Black folks are afraid of Kathleen Wynne policies based on biblical ideology

They are afraid of her leadership because the pastors tell them about Babylon and what happened to the city of Babylon. Black folks are afraid of the Christian God they never see physically, more than they afraid of racism.

So when the political dust settles and Premier Doug Ford starts to implement Red Tory policies, then all them black folks will start crying out again about racism and how the police this and the police that.

Anyway, I cast my vote for the NDP, as I always do, since I am voting in Canada. At least I did not vote in vain. The NDP is the official opposition and they will speak for me and others who think as me as they represent us in parliament. So, congratulations to Doug Ford and his PC Party victory. I hope he will do well for the all the citizens of Ontario. I wish him all the best.

All best wishes to Opposition Leader, Andrea Horwarth as she is getting ready to challenge the mighty Doug Ford and his Troy government at Queen’s Park Parliament.

It is time that some Caribbean male vloggers must stop making entertainment, with rape victims story.


By Hudson George.

 Most black men do not understand that we did not craft modern laws that pertain to rape. So, I am advising black male vloggers to do their research before they go on social media rant about “Rape” as a topic.

Due to the fact that black men in the diaspora did not craft laws to protect themselves and their black women against rape as a crime, they should not be talking about rape and who is not a victim, as if they craft the laws that pertain to rape as a crime.

The laws that black men have to abide by are/were crafted by white men who have judicial power authority to make laws. However, now that a popular Rastafarian reggae artist has been accused and charged with raping a woman in Jamaica, it seems as though some black men are starting to wake up.

Some black men who were sleeping all the time, seem to just wake up and realise that today’s women are different from the women of yesterday. However, although they just wake,  they still denying and saying, that a Rasataman will never rape a woman and they are saying that the woman who is claiming that she was raped by the artist, is telling a lie and how she wants to set up the Rastaman just to bring him down.

Although I believe that some wicked and bad-minded spiteful women can set up any man on a rape charge, I think that black men, in general, must wise up. They must understand that our penis is considered to be a weapon that can penetrate a submissive person against their will.

They must learn and accept the fact that, women usually play the submissive role in a sex act during sexual intercourse. So, it does not matter if the man involved in the sex act is a priest, a pastor, a president, a singer or a prime minister, if he demands sex from a woman without her consent, he can be charged with rape and if he is found guilty; he will be sentenced to serve some years behind prison bars.

However, it does not matter if you are a popular Rastaman or a policeman, you can be charged with rape if a woman claims that you rape her and it is up to the criminal courts to judge you for the crime to prove if you are guilty or not. So, those black men in particularly male vloggers who staying on the sideline and  saying that the woman is a liar, their comments and opinion will not help the accused on the day of the trial.

Basically, I think is high time that we as black men stop behaving like rebels without a cause because, in reality, only rebels who are fighting for a cause can win a struggle and there is no struggle to win by oppressing and abusing our women. On the other hand, we cannot only prove our manhood with a high volume of testosterone and keep walking around like macho men. That cannot work in this present era. We are not living in a hunting and gathering society like in the primitive days.

Presently, our women are doing better than us. They are going to school. They are staying in school and graduate and they are getting the good jobs. We must remember that women are attracted to power, so when they are more powerful than us, they will not respect us.

In addition, now it has become a trend for black men to perform rough sex on women they just start having sexual intercourse with. In the Jamaican culture, it is called daggering the female with the hard penis. So, when a woman start having sex with her new male partner and he start performing his daggering thing inside her vagina, it is expected that she might feel he is just using her and abusing her and there is the possibility she might call the police and say, she was raped because the male partner bruised up her vagina passage with rough sex.

Basically, if a man loves a woman he would not do the daggering sexual act thing on her. Sex is something for two persons to enjoy and not for one person abusing the other into submission. In addition, the type of music been promoting rough sex culture  is very raw and raw music genre culture is making some black men feel, that they are super macho. They can rough up a female vagina and feel happy about their performance

I personally believe that all those black male vloggers who hyping up themselves on YouTube and making comments about what they think happened between the entertainer and the woman are not sending out a positive message. They promoting a bad example for the younger male youths to follow. I think they should stop that macho foolish backward culture and learn to show respect to women. It is very important for Caribbean male vloggers to educate viewers and stop making entertainment with victim’s pain and suffering, especially when the victim complain about rape. So, I think it is time that some Caribbean male vloggers to stop making entertainment with rape victims story.



Is it Toronto becoming a scary city?


The killing of 10 innocent civilians by a male driver on the busy popular Yonge Street in North York, Toronto makes me feel scared to leave my home because I just cannot figure out why somebody can rent a vehicle and willfully drove it into a busy street sidewalk just to kill innocent people. However, on April 23, 2018 it happened without no good reason.

Presently, I am frightened to leave my home to go out to do my daily routines for survival. As a black man from the Caribbean I know that there is racism in the city, so when I leave my home and go out on the street, I expect to encounter racism from people who do not like people of African origins but I never thought about any person will be all that heartless to drive their vehicle into a crowded area of people to kill them.

However, when I look at the news video of the suspect and the police, I am still wondering why the police did not use his firearm to shoot the suspect because he cold bloodily killed 10 innocent people. Now I am thinking if the suspect was a black person if the police would have given him the second chance to live through the senseless drama that he created.

In addition, I wonder if the suspect and a black person had gone to a job interview if the employer would have preferred to hire him before the black person. However, my mind is telling me, yes, the suspect would have given the job opportunity over a black person because the social culture of racism in Toronto put black people at the bottom of the social class.

On the other hand, persons who are not black do not experience racism as black people, they have a better chance of succeeding economically in Toronto in whatever career that they chose, so I personally do not understand why the individual could be leaving with so much hate because he is an immigrant who chose to live in Canada by choice.

Prior to this incident, Toronto was always a safe place to live. In spite of the racism, there is always a level of tolerance among people of different race.

Now it seems as though some new immigrants are not trying to adjust to the culture of tolerance for others and their intention is to create a culture of violence and fear in this beautiful cosmopolitan city, Toronto. So now I am living in fear because this new culture of violence and it is worst than a racist attack. Presently, we all are at risk, regardless of our race and social class.