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  1. A Grenada is not true” democracy, and maybe a lot of people don’t understand what democracy means, in Grenada has anyone taken the time to explain the that to the older people 50+ no, they don’t read enough it not their fault,
    Democracy is an ever evolving idea, and many people have many different opinions on what it is and what it should be, so no perfect democracy can ever be agreed upon.

    non of the past political party in Grenada asked the school’s if they educated the students on democracy As a society, we seem to be unsure about when someone becomes an adult. Is it a physical change? Or is it a mental or emotional changes while numerous opinions exist on this matter. the only real agreement for most is legal adulthood occurs at 18 they can vote in elections, and receive their full complement right as adult,
    Yet I often wonder how it is that we come to this conclusion about maturity and voting. Through their schooling in Grenada young people are rarely taught about politics at all and if they are it usually mentioned in by passing by occasionally untrained teachers who don’t full explained Grenadian citizenship

    How do we think young people would understand established democracies in the world. yet politics is notable
    absence from the school curriculum, leaving many young people who are interested in social change unable to
    understand the link between politics and their own world. My generation is often considered one of the most
    politically apathetic and yet I ask myself, why shouldn’t we be? Politics is never at the forefront of discussions in
    schools, leaving young people to rely on the media and their families to provide education on the subject of
    This reality has left huge numbers of young people disheartened and detached from politics and their democracy.

    Yet many young people remain unsure how to become politically engaged and active because they simply don’t
    know how to. The need for dedicated political education in schools is becoming acute, as young people are
    becoming more interested in social issues. Thanks to social media and the internet,

    1. Hudson George – I am a Grenadian writer who thinks out of the box. I use my creative imagination and organised my writing. I believe words are powerful weapons. So, I write to tell my stories.

      Celia Flanders children are taught politics by their parents and most of the parents need political education themselves.
      So, there is always a cycle of political innocence/ignorance.

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