The Canadian Conservative Party influence on suffering demarginalised misinformed black immigrants population.


By Hudson George

Ontario provincial election campaign is heating up and black people in the province don’t seem to understand Canadian politics based on how the system works. The majority of black people in the province are from the Caribbean with Jamaicans as the bigger subgroup. Unfortunately, they do not understand politics because they are racially marginalised and they are not educating themselves to live within the system, while they put their trust and confidence in their religious leaders based on teachings of biblical influence as a hope to survive within the system.

Most Caribbean people lack the understanding of the political system that governs them. Their mindset is still strapped in the old colonial mentality that was forced upon them for over four hundred years, while the coloniser’s moved on with another system, with changes in the constitution. Yet still, Caribbean immigrants still cannot see the light to think beyond the system that was forced on them.

The majority of Caribbean people continues to vote for the Liberal Party. They believe that they owe the Liberals a lifelong favour because of the late prime minister Elliot Pierre Trudeau, who they think gave them the great opportunity to live in a great country as Canada. But the big question is: Are they really making use of that great opportunity with the way they still look at life to make progress?

Now, that the Liberals have moved on to a more open society where the Premier of the Ontario is an openly gay female leader, some Caribbean people who believe in Christian fundamentalists teachings that they themselves do not fully practice, have switch their political support to the Conservative Party that care less about blacks and other minority groups. Some of them are saying that they will vote for Doug Ford because they are against Premier Wynne because of who she is.

They switched their political support to the Conservative Party because they are afraid of what they called the Babylon System. They hate the fact that the Liberal and New National Party (NDP) supports same-sex relationship, which they think is against God’s law. They are complaining about the education system of teaching, that they considered to be ungodly, but they still refused to send their children to the black school. The question is: Why they are refusing to send their children to the black school if they are not happy with the mainstream school teaching?

Even presently, some Caribbean people do not encourage their children to move on to post-secondary education. They are more interested in the 8 to 4 day’s works as the only solution for their future and if they have their own business they will close it and go to church on the day they worship God, while the other business owners open their business to the public to make money and more profit.

Additionally, the weakness of the Caribbean black community was a plus for the Stephen Harper-led Conservative federal government that governed Canada for three terms and the Mike Harris led Conservative commonsense revolution that affected black people, even though some black Christian pastors were able to influence their church members to vote for the conservative government as a protection to fight against abortion and same-sex marriage. But the big question is: Why the rich people who are mostly conservative supporters do not have large nucleus family population in comparison to the poor blacks and other groups of poor people? So who is really committing abortion?

Now, it is blatantly clear that the Conservative Party have a strong influence on the leaders of black churches. For example, Don Meredith who is an ordained pastor and later became a Senator in the Federal government. Meredith was selected by the Stephen Harper conservative government and made a Senator. So, if Mr. Meredith did not use his political power to have sexual intercourse with a teenage black girl by promising her favours that he did not fulfill, the vast majority of black Canadians would have never known, that he was a Christian pastor and a selected Conservative federal senator. However, the big question is! Why was he given that lifetime job as a Federal Senator?

The real answer is that Mr. Meredith was a political activist for the Conservative Party. It is a known fact that pastors have an influence on their church members and politics must not be ruled out. Pastors are Shepherds and their followers are the Sheep. It is expected that black people in Ontario will be misled again and most of them will not make wise decisions when casting their votes in the Ontario Provincial election. They continue to fear Babylon, while they remain poor. But what is really Babylon and who is Babylon?


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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