Grenada so-called progressive forces cannot silence my stories from a different perspective


By Hudson George


Persons who believe in one party state government rule with media control have no rights to criticise citizens who are brave enough to give their opinion in print writing. So, I am using my freedom to give my views and opinion on various topics about Grenada, without any fear of the so-called progressive class who chose to make their permanent homes in capitalist countries just as me.

However, whenever the state controls the media, citizens with a different opinion are suppressed and those who support the government will do all the dirty work, just to access a piece of the political pie. Now that we are living a time, when we are free to express our opinion, I do not see the reason why some supporters of the former people’s revolutionary government should target others who do not share their political values, in an aggressive way.

Basically, I am not interested in any brand of politics that will make me look progressive because, our progressive forces are a bunch of coward talkers who refused to die for Grenada, when the U.S Army invaded Grenada October 25, 1983. Those who are quick to criticise opponents of the revolution did not fight on the battlefield during the invasion.

The vast majority of them are armchair revolutionaries, who think that they still have a monopoly to disrespect others who do not share their political values and opinion.

Some of them are living and enjoying the good life in same capitalist countries that they take pleasure to criticised, while they make sure that they abide the laws within the social norms of those countries. Most of them migrate from the so-called progressive countries to anti-progressive countries and they are using the various available media to harass persons who do not share their hopeless political agenda.

For the past week, I have noticed some of them are wasting their time to attack me for the article that I wrote (October 24, 2018). If they are all that progressive and they think that their political ideology is the best for Grenada, I think they should stop wasting their time on social media just criticising me for my contribution.

In my last article, I criticise Dr. Terrance Marryshow and Catholic Bishop-fr Harvey because I think it is my rights as a born and raised Grenadian to give my opinion on any topic about Grenada, the same way as the two gentlemen did during October remembrance day celebration, for those persons who died at Fort George, when the people’s revolutionary government and army split and decided to settle their political difference in a gun battle shoot.

However, what is surprising to me is, that the handful of these so-called progressive thinkers have the guts to say that I made up history to get attention. If they take some time and do some research about Grenada history during the power struggle period between the French and the British to colonised Grenada, they will learn that there was mass execution by the British, in St. George’s market square of persons who fought in the Fedon rebellion.

The problem with our Grenadian progressive thinkers, they have no interest to listen to other people’s opinion. They are so dogmatic in thoughts, they think, that they have the rights to educate others to become closed minded and brainwashed as they are. And when they cannot succeed, they tend to become angry with their opponents and then they will plan some other methods to ridicule their opponents with unpleasant comments.

But the good news I have for them is that they cannot stop me from writing from a different perspective. Some of us have to give another side of the story so that fake history will not become the true story. I will continue doing what I am doing because life is energy. Nobody can stop me from using my energy as long as I do not step on the line of defamation whereby, I can be sued for saying wrong things against individuals.

My intention is not to spread lies and propaganda. I have stories to tell and will continue writing as long as I have the mental and physical ability do so.






A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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