Organised religions are prejudice against black people in third world countries


By Hudson George

It is becoming blatantly clear that organised religions are prejudice against us black people in third world countries where the majority of the population. For example in Grenada priests and pastors of Christian churches are behaving as though they are government elected the people.

Due to the fact that our ancestors dehumanized, enslaved and forced to accept Christianity by the French and British colonisers, the various Christian denominations think that they still have authority over our lives as citizens of this beautiful tri island state of Grenada.

Just recently a Roman Catholic priest and a local pastor of another Christian church criticised carnival celebrations and soca music as vulgar and agents of sinful deviant behaviours in society.

The local pastor goes as far as assuming that particular types of sexy costumes female masqueraders are wearing in the street parade and on stage, are encouraging rape in society.

Now I don’t know or even understand how the pastor could make such a bold wide sweeping generalisation linking carnival to rape. I can only assume that the pastor has lost connection with his own race, although he is a black Grenada. However, as for the Roman Catholic priest I can forgive him for his ignorance about black people spirituality because he is a European.

Basically, I can speak from life experience living most my life than I lived in Grenada and what I observe different between the two countries social and political cultures.

For example, Canadian government accept and protect different groups of people in terms of subculture groups rights. Church and state are separate and religious leaders have no rights to influence the government.

Just recently on January 12, 2020 Canadian who are living in big cities with underground subway transportation system celebrated “No Pants Subway Ride Day”, whereby commenters had the freedom to ride the trains without pants, so some passengers had the privilege and choice to wear only their underpants and panties.

In addition, every year there one day in the month of May, when Canadians celebrate a similar event called “No Pants Day” and some people chose to walk around going about their business without wearing pants.
I remember the first time I saw the “No Pant Day” in month in May I was shocked. I saw some young white women walking the streets wearing panties with full confidence.

So my question is: Why these Christian preachers only seem to be pretending that they care so much about the afterlife for black people but them never one day critcise deviant behaviours happening in the highly developed countries where white people are the majority?

If they are claiming that Grenada supposed to be a Christian country, therefore the only legal Christian religion in Grenada is the Anglican Church organisation because the Queen of England is the official Head of Grenada.

And I am positively sure that Queen Elizabeth is not a hater of Nothing Hill Carnival were soca music dominates the carnival parade as young beautiful British female masqueraders whine, grind, ramajay and dingolay to the sweet rhythm of soca music.

I am still wonder why they want to control our everyday living existence but they are not advocating for us the African children of slaves to be compensated for slavery.


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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