The Canadian Conservative Party influence on suffering demarginalised misinformed black immigrants population.


By Hudson George

Ontario provincial election campaign is heating up and black people in the province don’t seem to understand Canadian politics based on how the system works. The majority of black people in the province are from the Caribbean with Jamaicans as the bigger subgroup. Unfortunately, they do not understand politics because they are racially marginalised and they are not educating themselves to live within the system, while they put their trust and confidence in their religious leaders based on teachings of biblical influence as a hope to survive within the system.

Most Caribbean people lack the understanding of the political system that governs them. Their mindset is still strapped in the old colonial mentality that was forced upon them for over four hundred years, while the coloniser’s moved on with another system, with changes in the constitution. Yet still, Caribbean immigrants still cannot see the light to think beyond the system that was forced on them.

The majority of Caribbean people continues to vote for the Liberal Party. They believe that they owe the Liberals a lifelong favour because of the late prime minister Elliot Pierre Trudeau, who they think gave them the great opportunity to live in a great country as Canada. But the big question is: Are they really making use of that great opportunity with the way they still look at life to make progress?

Now, that the Liberals have moved on to a more open society where the Premier of the Ontario is an openly gay female leader, some Caribbean people who believe in Christian fundamentalists teachings that they themselves do not fully practice, have switch their political support to the Conservative Party that care less about blacks and other minority groups. Some of them are saying that they will vote for Doug Ford because they are against Premier Wynne because of who she is.

They switched their political support to the Conservative Party because they are afraid of what they called the Babylon System. They hate the fact that the Liberal and New National Party (NDP) supports same-sex relationship, which they think is against God’s law. They are complaining about the education system of teaching, that they considered to be ungodly, but they still refused to send their children to the black school. The question is: Why they are refusing to send their children to the black school if they are not happy with the mainstream school teaching?

Even presently, some Caribbean people do not encourage their children to move on to post-secondary education. They are more interested in the 8 to 4 day’s works as the only solution for their future and if they have their own business they will close it and go to church on the day they worship God, while the other business owners open their business to the public to make money and more profit.

Additionally, the weakness of the Caribbean black community was a plus for the Stephen Harper-led Conservative federal government that governed Canada for three terms and the Mike Harris led Conservative commonsense revolution that affected black people, even though some black Christian pastors were able to influence their church members to vote for the conservative government as a protection to fight against abortion and same-sex marriage. But the big question is: Why the rich people who are mostly conservative supporters do not have large nucleus family population in comparison to the poor blacks and other groups of poor people? So who is really committing abortion?

Now, it is blatantly clear that the Conservative Party have a strong influence on the leaders of black churches. For example, Don Meredith who is an ordained pastor and later became a Senator in the Federal government. Meredith was selected by the Stephen Harper conservative government and made a Senator. So, if Mr. Meredith did not use his political power to have sexual intercourse with a teenage black girl by promising her favours that he did not fulfill, the vast majority of black Canadians would have never known, that he was a Christian pastor and a selected Conservative federal senator. However, the big question is! Why was he given that lifetime job as a Federal Senator?

The real answer is that Mr. Meredith was a political activist for the Conservative Party. It is a known fact that pastors have an influence on their church members and politics must not be ruled out. Pastors are Shepherds and their followers are the Sheep. It is expected that black people in Ontario will be misled again and most of them will not make wise decisions when casting their votes in the Ontario Provincial election. They continue to fear Babylon, while they remain poor. But what is really Babylon and who is Babylon?

Human beings created division and conflict for domination


By Hudson George

Human beings are natural political animals. So, as individuals, if we have something to say, we must say it because we are a part of the society that we live within.  So, we cannot deny that we create divisions and conflicts against each other for domination to rule and conquer.

However, we can say what we want, do as we feel and what we like, especially when we have power in our domain to make us feel superior. For example,  we domesticate animals by claiming domination over them but in reality, we are inferior to them, even though the vast majority us do not think so.

We think that we are so smart and we want to be smarter, so we build schools as institutions to educate ourselves. We label ourselves as scholars and intellectuals because we lost sight of simple things in our environment.  We claim to believe in a supreme creator but we continue to divide ourselves into so many different tribal institutions, serving different gods to achieve spiritual and material things.

Our mentality of being superior tend to make us confused because we constantly keep on searching for so many different material things to satisfy our human greed.  We become so greedy we cannot satisfy. We still want more material things.

As we keep on searching for our human greed, we create wars, dangerous weapons of destruction, dictatorship, propaganda-lies, racism, classism, gender discrimination and geographical conflicts based on ethnic divisions. We create political conflict within our society while other animals continue to live and survive by natural instinct.

In addition, those among us who are are leaders of powerful nations, still, continue making laws and destructive weapons with modern technology, in order to invade weaker nations and install puppet leaders, just to grab natural resources.

So with all that greed and lust for power to dominate, the world has become a place populated with paranoid human beings.



If Dr. Keith Mitchell decides to rule Grenada with an iron fist, the majority voters gave him the political apparatus

By Hudson George

There are various reasons why in today’s politics, the majority of voters chose to vote for a particular political party based on the love and confidence they have in the political leader. For example, just recently Grenadians voted in a general election and the ruling NNP party led by Dr Keith Mitchell won all the 15 seats.  However, if we open our eyes wide, we will see clearly, that the American and Russian voters did similar as the Grenadians voters.

Couple days after the Grenadian election, the voters in Russia voted to overwhelm for President Putin to remain as their president because they want a strong leader who can challenged the western countries on the world political front stage for superpower domination.  However, just over a year ago the American mainly white voters elected Donald Trump as their president because they want a leader who will make America great again and Mr Trump promise that he will fulfil their dream. Trump drives the fear in them because they feel threaten by Latinos culture making a big inroad within the American tradition society created by the founding fathers of their mighty nation.

Now, in the case of Grenada and why the majority of voters are satisfied with Dr Keith Mitchell long reign of political power, is because the vast majority of Grenadians like to be ruled by a strong leader whom they love and whatever the leader keep on doing, whether it is good or bad, they will still make excuses to justify the leader’s action as the right thing and the decision he made.

For example, during the long year’s era when Eric Gairy and his GULP working-class movement dominated Grenada’s politics, the Majority of voters keep on electing Gairy back into office, without looking at the mistakes he made during the five year term period. It was not in their interest to criticise Gairy’s errors. All they cared about is that they love “Uncle Gairy” because he was the little black man from the east, sent by God to liberate them from the oppression of colonialism.

However, the political pattern of Gairy’s leadership ended on March 13, 1979, when the children of Gairy’s followers decided that enough is enough and they wanted a new brand of politics with a new generation of politicians. On that great historical day, they rebelled against Gairyism.   In the event that took place on that special day brought about a revolution led by Maurice Bishop but unfortunately, the culture of holding on to a strong leader did not change. Bishop followers were no different from Gairy followers. They both followed their leader without questioning the bad things that were happening.

Presently, we are back to square one again. This time around the majority of Grenadian voters unanimous voted for Dr Mitchell’s led ruling NNP in all the political constituencies, therefore, there is no elected opposition.  Unfortunately, what makes the situation more disturbing for those of us who are thinking out of the political box, is that the governor general is appointed to that post of Her Majesty Representative by Prime Minister Mitchell and based on Grenada’s constitution the prime minister has all the power within the democratic system.

So, it is very easy to see all the political apparatus are in place for a future dictatorship, if Dr Mitchell decides to rule our Tri-Island State with an iron fist. He has all the powers in his domain. The governor general was not elected by the people. Her status and position can be taken away from her if she tries to challenge government policies. Basically, our only hopes are that Dr. Mitchell will not put on the iron fist style of leadership. On the other hand, we cannot forget the days of iron fist rule under Eric Gairy and the most brutal period under Maurice Bishop version of dictatorship.

Additionally, those of us who are quick thinkers can see clearly, that Dr. Mitchell decision to hold the election on March 13, 2018, was his personal plan to eliminate and bury the memory of Maurice Bishop March 13, 1979, led a revolution. Dr Mitchell made a very good calculation on the date so that his landslides victory at the poll will go down in history as the leader who won all the 15 seats without using one single bullet from the gun but through the democratic process.

In conclusion, I personally think something is wrong with the way the majority of Grenadians participate in the Westminster style of politics through the democratic process. Basically, in my opinion, I think it is undemocratic for a people to use the democratic process of multiparty politics to elect a one-party government. If that pattern of voting continues, I predict in the future it can lead to violence when the opposition forces become fed up with that kind of political culture.

In addition, I think the New Democratic Congress (NDC) needs to rebrand.   I know that some of them are trying to blame their political leader for the party’s defeat but they must blame themselves too. It is their duty to come down on the ground and engage the grassroots people in order for them to win the next election in five years’ time. They are depending on too many armchair conservative political activists to who are politically hopeless to deliver the party political message. They need to get rid of some of their political activists who are very vocal in the media criticising the NNP government with the same old talk over and over again. These activists doing is more harm to the NDC because they are not the kind of persons who will engage grassroots people to face to face in a political discussion.

Anyway, I think it is the duty of all Grenadians to be vigilant against any brand of one-party state government. Whether the government is elected by the majority through the democratic process, or if they came to power through the barrel of the gun. We are too small for one-party rule.