Is it Toronto becoming a scary city?


The killing of 10 innocent civilians by a male driver on the busy popular Yonge Street in North York, Toronto makes me feel scared to leave my home because I just cannot figure out why somebody can rent a vehicle and willfully drove it into a busy street sidewalk just to kill innocent people. However, on April 23, 2018 it happened without no good reason.

Presently, I am frightened to leave my home to go out to do my daily routines for survival. As a black man from the Caribbean I know that there is racism in the city, so when I leave my home and go out on the street, I expect to encounter racism from people who do not like people of African origins but I never thought about any person will be all that heartless to drive their vehicle into a crowded area of people to kill them.

However, when I look at the news video of the suspect and the police, I am still wondering why the police did not use his firearm to shoot the suspect because he cold bloodily killed 10 innocent people. Now I am thinking if the suspect was a black person if the police would have given him the second chance to live through the senseless drama that he created.

In addition, I wonder if the suspect and a black person had gone to a job interview if the employer would have preferred to hire him before the black person. However, my mind is telling me, yes, the suspect would have given the job opportunity over a black person because the social culture of racism in Toronto put black people at the bottom of the social class.

On the other hand, persons who are not black do not experience racism as black people, they have a better chance of succeeding economically in Toronto in whatever career that they chose, so I personally do not understand why the individual could be leaving with so much hate because he is an immigrant who chose to live in Canada by choice.

Prior to this incident, Toronto was always a safe place to live. In spite of the racism, there is always a level of tolerance among people of different race.

Now it seems as though some new immigrants are not trying to adjust to the culture of tolerance for others and their intention is to create a culture of violence and fear in this beautiful cosmopolitan city, Toronto. So now I am living in fear because this new culture of violence and it is worst than a racist attack. Presently, we all are at risk, regardless of our race and social class.


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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