After Kathleen Wynne retired political hurt. Some black folks jump unconsciously on Doug Ford’s Red Tory bandwagon


By Hudson George

After Kathleen Wynne retired political hurt. Some black folks jump unconsciously   on Doug Ford’s Red Tory bandwagon

A lot of black people in Ontario cast their vote for Doug Ford and his PC party because they are scared of many things within the society. On the other hand, most black people in Canada are Liberals and they still voting for Pierre Trudeau, even though Trudeau is dead.

White Canadians still voting for the founding fathers of Canada that represent the Red Tory Conservative. However, it is same way black folks are voting for the Liberal party in memory of Trudeau.

So, after Kathleen Wynne throws in the towel and retired political hurt, when she realised that her Liberal party cannot win the election, well, most of them black people jump the Liberal ship and hop on the Doug Ford PC party bandwagon.

In my opinion, I think Ms. Wynne wanted her supporters to vote for Doug Ford rather than voting for Andrea Horwarth NDP. Wynne became jealous of Howard. That kind of jealousy is very common among women in general. It is a big problem among women, even though they always keep crying about women equality, they still hate each other.

Furthermore, a lot of black folks cast their vote for Doug Ford, because he promises them cheaper liquor and no working income tax  for the working poor. In addition, some black folks had liked the late Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, because he used to use drugs and Doug Ford is Rob Ford brother. Some black folks think when a white person like drugs, they are cool. So they believe if Rob Ford was cool, therefore, Doug Ford must be cool too.

Almost all black people claim to be Christians and they love the PC political values, even though the PC party is more racists towards black people. In addition, most Black folks are afraid of Kathleen Wynne policies based on biblical ideology

They are afraid of her leadership because the pastors tell them about Babylon and what happened to the city of Babylon. Black folks are afraid of the Christian God they never see physically, more than they afraid of racism.

So when the political dust settles and Premier Doug Ford starts to implement Red Tory policies, then all them black folks will start crying out again about racism and how the police this and the police that.

Anyway, I cast my vote for the NDP, as I always do, since I am voting in Canada. At least I did not vote in vain. The NDP is the official opposition and they will speak for me and others who think as me as they represent us in parliament. So, congratulations to Doug Ford and his PC Party victory. I hope he will do well for the all the citizens of Ontario. I wish him all the best.

All best wishes to Opposition Leader, Andrea Horwarth as she is getting ready to challenge the mighty Doug Ford and his Troy government at Queen’s Park Parliament.


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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