It is time that some Caribbean male vloggers must stop making entertainment, with rape victims story.


By Hudson George.

 Most black men do not understand that we did not craft modern laws that pertain to rape. So, I am advising black male vloggers to do their research before they go on social media rant about “Rape” as a topic.

Due to the fact that black men in the diaspora did not craft laws to protect themselves and their black women against rape as a crime, they should not be talking about rape and who is not a victim, as if they craft the laws that pertain to rape as a crime.

The laws that black men have to abide by are/were crafted by white men who have judicial power authority to make laws. However, now that a popular Rastafarian reggae artist has been accused and charged with raping a woman in Jamaica, it seems as though some black men are starting to wake up.

Some black men who were sleeping all the time, seem to just wake up and realise that today’s women are different from the women of yesterday. However, although they just wake,  they still denying and saying, that a Rasataman will never rape a woman and they are saying that the woman who is claiming that she was raped by the artist, is telling a lie and how she wants to set up the Rastaman just to bring him down.

Although I believe that some wicked and bad-minded spiteful women can set up any man on a rape charge, I think that black men, in general, must wise up. They must understand that our penis is considered to be a weapon that can penetrate a submissive person against their will.

They must learn and accept the fact that, women usually play the submissive role in a sex act during sexual intercourse. So, it does not matter if the man involved in the sex act is a priest, a pastor, a president, a singer or a prime minister, if he demands sex from a woman without her consent, he can be charged with rape and if he is found guilty; he will be sentenced to serve some years behind prison bars.

However, it does not matter if you are a popular Rastaman or a policeman, you can be charged with rape if a woman claims that you rape her and it is up to the criminal courts to judge you for the crime to prove if you are guilty or not. So, those black men in particularly male vloggers who staying on the sideline and  saying that the woman is a liar, their comments and opinion will not help the accused on the day of the trial.

Basically, I think is high time that we as black men stop behaving like rebels without a cause because, in reality, only rebels who are fighting for a cause can win a struggle and there is no struggle to win by oppressing and abusing our women. On the other hand, we cannot only prove our manhood with a high volume of testosterone and keep walking around like macho men. That cannot work in this present era. We are not living in a hunting and gathering society like in the primitive days.

Presently, our women are doing better than us. They are going to school. They are staying in school and graduate and they are getting the good jobs. We must remember that women are attracted to power, so when they are more powerful than us, they will not respect us.

In addition, now it has become a trend for black men to perform rough sex on women they just start having sexual intercourse with. In the Jamaican culture, it is called daggering the female with the hard penis. So, when a woman start having sex with her new male partner and he start performing his daggering thing inside her vagina, it is expected that she might feel he is just using her and abusing her and there is the possibility she might call the police and say, she was raped because the male partner bruised up her vagina passage with rough sex.

Basically, if a man loves a woman he would not do the daggering sexual act thing on her. Sex is something for two persons to enjoy and not for one person abusing the other into submission. In addition, the type of music been promoting rough sex culture  is very raw and raw music genre culture is making some black men feel, that they are super macho. They can rough up a female vagina and feel happy about their performance

I personally believe that all those black male vloggers who hyping up themselves on YouTube and making comments about what they think happened between the entertainer and the woman are not sending out a positive message. They promoting a bad example for the younger male youths to follow. I think they should stop that macho foolish backward culture and learn to show respect to women. It is very important for Caribbean male vloggers to educate viewers and stop making entertainment with victim’s pain and suffering, especially when the victim complain about rape. So, I think it is time that some Caribbean male vloggers to stop making entertainment with rape victims story.




A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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