Capitalism and religion create conflicts and wars in the Middle East, while the rich get richer and poor people are dying.


By Hudson George

Capitalism and religion create conflicts and wars in the Middle East, while the rich get richer and poor people are dying.

Presently, there is a big war going on in Yemen and lots of children, women, old people and poor people are dying, while the rich countries sell weapons to the various warring military groups for millions of dollars to fight against each other for power to control the resources and become proxy rulers for the bigger powers.

Unfortunately, money, power and slight differences in religious belief divide those Middle Eastern countries and they are not willing to sit down and compromise. It is not in their cultural nature to come together and discuss matters and reconcile. They prefer to fight on and whosoever wins the war benefits.

The Saudis and a the Iranians cannot get along based on their slight differences in their version of religious belief, so it seems as though they prefer to settle their differences on the battle field in Yemen, as both countries have their allies in the Yemeni civil war battling for their cause.

However, as the influential neighbouring countries such as United Arabs Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran jostle against each other for dominance in the region to control Yemen, they know that the industrialised nations need the oil and gas and these same industrialised countries will supply them with weapons.

In addition, it is heartening to see the same rich industrialied countries are the ones who are benefiting financially. Now that the conflict has reach a climax, while the United Nation seems to be a third party acting without any influence for various reasons, while innocent civilians are dying.

In addition, those of us who were taught by western powers to respect and accept democracy, are now wondering why the big military powers that claim to be promoting democracy are selling weapons to the warring factions to fight wars in a region, that never practice western style democracy.

So, as the fighting is going on for control it is expected that Christians will be searching the books in the bible, to find scriptures in the various books that within the bible and say it is prophesy that is fulfilling in the middle east.

However, based on my personal life experience, I do not believe this prophesy fulling doctrine. I believe that human beings are just greedy and they will fight wars against each other to fulfill their social and financial needs.

So, as the conflict continues in Yemen for greed and power, we can only hope that one day in the future the people in the Middle East, will find another method to solve their political, social and religious differences, because the only ones wo will benefit from the bloodbath are the countries who are manufacturing and selling weapons to the warring factions. And unfortunately, these are the same countries consuming the oil and gas in the Middle East for the price  that they chose to pay.












A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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