Materialism stifles the truth. Some  people are searching for a better life at the expense of others.


By Hudson George

Materialism stifles the truth, as people are searching for a better life at the expense of others.   Very few people are willing to stand for the truth because they have a family to feed, business organisation and their social status to protect at any cost.

Life has become like the Serengeti where the strong prey upon the weak.  Modern civilisations are referred to as advance societies where technology and natural resources create wealth for the developed countries.

Wealthy countries exploit the natural resources from poor countries similar to how lion, jaguar, leopard and crocodile eat the flesh of herbivorous animals.  For example, they extract valuable minerals such as fossil fuel, gold, diamond, coltan, copper and timber and manufacture into expensive commodities and converted the profit into financial resources.

Now it has become the norms for third world politicians waiting to grab some of the leftovers they can get from those reach countries, similar to how hyenas hang around to get some scrapes of meat when the dominant predators make a kill and feasting on a prey.

While this is happening technology keeps evolving because financial institution needs more and more advance electronics systems to protect their money, they need to track where the money is and who is after the money and who must control the global financial assets.

Materialism stifles the truth and it creates the environment for proxy wars.   For example, where there is oil and gas there is money and different kinds of social and political conflicts. And when there is ideological wars and ethnic strife people refuse to be their brother’s keeper.

Nevertheless, they still have to breathe the same air to survive in this big global village.  Presently the air is polluted with an unknown virus called COVID-19. The virus appears suddenly and surprising from nowhere affecting the lives of people without discrimination.

CCOVID-19 is not selective in attacking people. The rich, the middleclass and the poor are its targets.  But yet still politicians and global politics culture remain the same, as the greed for materialism and power remain the evil norms.





A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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