Human beings created divisions and conflicts for domination

By Hudson George
April 4, 2018
Human beings are naturally political animals. So, as individuals, if we have something to say, we must say it because we are a part of the society that we live within. So, we cannot deny that we create divisions and conflicts against each other for domination to rule and conquer.
However, we can say what we want, do as we feel and what we like, especially when we have power in our domain to make us feel superior. For example, we domesticate animals by claiming domination over them but in reality, we are inferior to them, even though the vast majority of us do not think so.
We think that we are so smart and we want to be smarter, so we build schools as institutions to educate ourselves.
We label ourselves as scholars and intellectuals because we lost sight of simple things in our environment. We claim to believe in a supreme creator but we continue to divide ourselves into so many different tribal institutions, serving different gods to achieve spiritual and material things.
Our mentality of being superior tend to make us greedy and confused because we constantly keep on searching for so many different material things to satisfy our human greed. We become so greedy we cannot satisfy. We still want more material things.
As we keep on searching for our human greed, we create wars, dangerous weapons of destruction, dictatorship, propaganda lies, racism, classism, gender discrimination and geographical conflicts based on ethnic divisions.
We create political conflict within our society while other animals continue to live and survive by natural instinct.
In addition, those among us who are are leaders of powerful nations, still, continue making laws and destructive weapons with modern technology, in order to invade weaker nations and install puppet leaders, just to grab natural resources.
So, with all that greed and lust for power to dominate, the world has become a place populated with paranoid human beings.    We are responsible for this crazy world.


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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