The only solution for COVID-19 pandemic is an effective vaccine.


By Hudson George

The government advises people to stay home. Don’t go out if it is not essential. I am staying indoors. I am abiding by the law but staying indoors is a hard task.

I am now frustrated. It is not easy living in self-isolation. It is a new kind of imprisonment, A new fear of an unknown disease.

Then I have to deal with religious people who are doubters.  The anti-business doubters. The anti-vaccine advocates and their propaganda.

They base their fear on past historical oppressions and religious prophecies and a utopian revelation. They are predicting, it is the end time.

On the other hand, some people are retreating to the old traditional medicines to build a stable immune system to protect themselves from the deadly disease.

I believe it is very good to use traditional medicines but I don’t think a global pandemic can be eradicated without a vaccine for global immunity.

I believe in modern science.  I am tired of hearing all those crazy conspiracy theories and theorists.  They are boring and misleading without any scientific proofs to back up their statements and predictions.

If COVID-19 continues to linger longer in the atmosphere and contaminating the air that we breathe, I will be left with no other choice but to take the vaccine.

Conspiracy theories can’t save me from the exposure of catching the virus. It cannot save anyone from this global pandemic. Religious beliefs cannot save us either. The only solution is an effective COVID-19 vaccine.



A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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