Grenada complex situation in this new normal era


Hudson George

Grenada has three serious social problems to deal with in the new normal times.   COVID-19,  Jab Jab Masqueraders popular culture and  government response to the situation are conflicting factors.

Although the country has the lowest deaths from COVID-19 pandemic globally, there is still controversy over how the government is handling the crisis in terms of police versus civilian’s relationship and oppositions making strong critical complaint.

As we approaches the August month there is a conflict of interest brewing between traditional Jab Jab Masqueraders and the government, whenever the police make attempts to stop large crowd assemblies and Jab Jab lovers from creating a sort of mini carnival atmosphere.

Every weekend in some villages in the rural communities young people are defying the laws and protocols just to play Jab Jab and even though the conflict between the young people and the state authorities is not political per se, it tends to attract opposition groups that are fed up with the government because they want a political change.

Grenada has its own unique kind of internal political conflict that is home grown due to lack of civil communication between the government and opposition supporters.

Unfortunately, no one is willing to sit down and discuss the social problems. All because of politics and power to govern the country in a sort one party style rule, while the ordinary citizens are caught up in the melee one way or the other.

The sad thing is that Grenadians have a long history of political ignorance with the belief that their individual brand of politics is relevant and their favourite political party is infallible with a Godly figure type political leader.

As long as the pandemic continue to ravage the entire globe, people will always rebel against the status quo.   There are others who will never accept modern science based on religious values and their own independent beliefs and ideas.

In terms of culture and traditions some people are defiant when it comes to traditional culture. Pandemic or no pandemic they believe the entertainment must not be interrupted.

Well don’t mention politics!   Grenadians hate to accept political facts. They put their favourite political leaders and party loyalty first.  Therefore, politics is like religion.  So, don’t expect people who hold on to dogmas to accept critical reasoning.




A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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