Grenada Creole English must be protected from British imitators

By Hudson George
Them Grenada Grammarful fellas behaving like Grammarfools these days. They want to make war with Creole speakers.
They say they learned proper grammar in school. So now their head full of British English. They turned Grammar-fools.
They feeling so much isolated these days. They attacking all Tom, Dick, Ann-Marie, Pansy, and Daisy.
Some of them never grow up mixing with low-class people. They were the hypolootens!
When they were growing up, their big-shot parents’ din want them to mix with low-class people like we.
So now they feeling left out. They cannot speak Creole English. And what make things worst for them now, the one and two ah them that still holding on to the class thing are few, few. They are outnumbered by Creole speakers.
Them were the ones who used to shop in Foodfair Supermarket, while we the children of Creole speakers used to carry big bags of provision on we heads coming from the garden plantation, jumping river-stone with all that load on we head to get home for we parents to cook food for us to eat.
Them Grammarful fellas are getting too pompous and bold-faced these days.
And to beginning with. Ah first they fretting me!
They never played marble. They never fly kite. They never dance top, zwill and rara.
They were the aristocrats’ children of that time.
They never see their mothers make dry bakes with fire on top and fire below in a flat pot covered with a piece of tin. They have never eaten bang bang cassava bread and make damsel stew.
Taktak ants and flamma ants never bite them while digging yam because they never work the land and carry bags of provisions on their heads.
Now they vex with us because they cannot speak Creole English.
So they all on national radio and television bashing we the Creole Speaking citizens and trying to make us look as if we are stupid.
Every time and any time we call the radio and television station during the call-in show to say something uplifting and interesting, as soon as we hang up. They call-in after and say negative about us. They marcoing us so much as if their name is Marcorine!
There is always a handful of grammar-fools listening we comments and waiting to call programme after, to criticise we Creole English.
And what does make me vex more.
It has one of them who keeps on criticising the British Monarchy and British Westminster system of government every day of the week!
Well if he so much anti-British colonialism and he so much disliked the British monarch, I don’t understand why he hates we Creole English so!.
He is definitely suffering from a high dose of British Grammarful education intoxication!
Sometimes I think maybe he is jealous because he cannot speak Grenadian English, so he trying to make up deficiencies, by acting as if he is a master of the British Queens English.
But what them Grammarful people don’t understand and they cannot realise is that we the Grenadian Creole Speaking citizens have a bigger Grenadian diction and vocabulary than them.
They so dam close-minded! They don’t understand that Creole English is the people’s language.
Without Creole English, we will not have we own culture.
I heard that some of them does only listen to classic music, hillbilly music, and soft American country-rock songs.
They need to chill out and show some respect for we Grenadian culture.
They must understand that we Grenadian Creole language is the cultural soul of the nation.


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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