Sometimes Things Happen And You Ask, Why?

By Hudson George
Sometimes things are happiness in your life and you ask yourself why?
But when you don’t get the answer just keep on doing what you are doing, because this is a part of your life experiences. This is a part of your journey that you have to travel. Just remember after today there is tomorrow and life will continue.
Sometimes people you know have done stupid things, you never thought they will do, because you thought they were smarter and wiser but they were not.
And when they gone to the other world you keep wondering why they were so blind, naïve, and careless. Sometimes you meet people who think they are completely shielded by great armour of knowledge and experience, even though they are not secure as they really believed.
There are so many things they don’t know but they think they have the answers. Until time proves them wrong


A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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