COVID-19 Pandemic is Creating Doubt, Fear and Mistrust


By Hudson George

Governments around the world advise citizens to stay at home and don’t go out if it is not essential in order to stop the spread of the COVD-19 virus.

Some of us are obeying the laws and staying indoors even though we are getting frustrated and tired of state-imposed restrictions. We understand it is not a normal time.  We have to follow protocols based on health guidelines.

As humans, in this pandemic, we have to deal with so many different groups of doubters, such as people who are anti-big business corporations, religious fundamentalists, and skeptics who mistrust global establishments due to colonialism and racism-based on historical past.

Those different subgroupings of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine are creating more fear and doubt within the wider population causing some people to be reluctant to take the vaccine due to negative things that they were told by conspiracy theorists about pharmaceutical companies.      Others are skeptical about population control.

Unfortunately, the doubters don’t have any perfect answers or scientific medical solutions to curb this deadly pandemic disease.

Some people retreat to traditional medicine which is good to an extent but it is not effective enough to stop the contagious virus from spreading.

If the virus continues to linger longer in the atmosphere contaminating the air that we breathe, the only solution will be modern medical science.  Therefore, the best choice is the COVID-19 vaccine presently.

Conspiracy theories cannot save us from catching the disease. Religious beliefs cannot help us. We have to embrace medical science to end this pandemic.





A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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