By  Hudson George

Everything has a beginning.

Most of the things we are involved in.

We don’t know the beginning

We were introduced within

And we joined in.

It is what we were told

And what we were taught make us believe.

In how and what we believe

And beliefs are faith.

Faith is the substance

Of things that we believe.

Our beliefs give us faith and confidence.

Our confidence gives us courage

And peace of mind.

Nothing else to worry about

It is like religion to us

Most of the things we love

We don’t know their source

It is like bathing, fishing, swimming and washing in the river

But we never been to the source of the river

It is like religion

We were not in existence

When the religion we attended were formed

We look up in the heavens

We see blue skies

We look down at the ocean We see the sea

But we don’t know their beginning.




A writer from Grenada living in Canada

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